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"Break a leg" is a well-known idiom in theatre which means "good luck". It is typically said to actors and musicians before they go on stage to perform. The expression reflects a theatrical superstition in which wishing a person "good luck" is considered bad. People working in theatre consider it bad luck to wish an actor good luck, so instead they wish the opposite, by saying "BREAK A LEG"...

Mumbai, India based independent filmmaker Prashant Bhilare, after the highly successful and critically acclaimed short films 'MAIN ZINDAGI HOON' (2009) and 'BRAHMA' (2011), brings a comedy of errors, goof-ups and fumbling 'actors' - BREAK A LEG (2012)

'BREAK A LEG' is an Indian short film in Hindi and Marathi language. The short stars theatre veteran Ramnath Tharwal (above) in the role of a Punjabi lawyer. Dr. Sushil Sharma appears in a parallel lead whereas Sanjeev Kumar Bhargav, lead in Bhilare's debut short 'MAIN ZINDAGI HOON' supports the main cast.

Ramnath Tharwal is a theatre actor, writer and director in India with a many critically acclaimed plays in Marathi, Hindi and English to his credit. One of the key performing artist at the Prithvi Theatre, headed by Sanjana Kapoor and at the National Center for Performing Arts (N.C.P.A), both in Mumbai, Tharwal has been a mentor to a many popular actors in theatre, television and cinema in India. Dr. Nishigandha Wad, a respected name in Marathi and Hindi television and movies and Bollywood actor Vidya Balan, at one point of time were students in the acting workshops conducted by Tharwal.

Sanjeev Kumar Bhargav (actor in the orange wind-cheater, above) played the lead character Aayur in Bhilare's highly successful and critically acclaimed directorial debut short film 'MAIN ZINDAGI HOON', released by Rajshri Productions's Rajshri Media in the year 2009. Bhargav supported the two parallel leads in this short film.

Bhargav has been appearing in independent movies and television in India.

Dr. Sushil Sharma (above) is a doctor by profession. A meeting with Bhilare at the University of Mumbai got him a role in this short film.

The post-production was handled by Bhilare's frequent collaborators from his previous two short films. The short film was shot by Sujay Kumar and Abhijeet Deo, both of whom worked on 'MAIN ZINDAGI HOON'. Sanjay Keni, who edited 'MAIN ZINDAGI HOON' worked on this short film was well. The sync sound recording was done by Habib Khan. Prafulla Athawale and Prashant Kadam worked on the sound design at Athawale's studio, Akshay Digital in Mumbai.

*2012 short film
*genre - Comedy
*running time - 15 minutes
*year of production - February 2012
*home country - India
*language - Marathi and Hindi with English s/t
*format - miniDV
*editing - FCP
*aspect ratio - 16:9 w i d e s c r e e n/ Color
*sound -Dolby Digital
*actors - Ramnath Tharwal, Sanjeev Kumar Bhargav, Dr. Sushil Sharma
*editor - Sanjay Keni
*cameramen - Abhijeet Deo, Sujay Kumar
*sound - Habib Khan, Prafulla Athawale, Prashant Kadam
*sound design - Akshay Digital, Mumbai
*make-up - Ravi Wagh
*writer, producer, director - Prashant Bhilare
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copyright, prashant bhilare, 2012.

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